Somatic or Body Oriented Psychotherapy, encourages the “communication” of experience between the mind and the body, allowing greater understanding of the issues and enabling sustainable  movement towards greater health and wellbeing.  

Somatic Psychotherapy achieves this by exploring your presenting challenge and looking at the connection between the narrative and history behind it.  We also look at your breathing patterns, physical sensations - discomforts or limitations - and support you in developing greater awareness of these connections between your body/mind.  With this evolving awareness, it may be appropriate to use Integrative Bodywork to further examine“bodily-held stories”, and how these are held within the body.  This may also include exploring any existing injury or emotionally based trauma.

The wonderful aspect of using bodywork, is that it potentially opens other doorways of understanding allowing greater awareness of the issues.  This, of course, can enable a greater range of choices in life - choices that before, may not have seemed imaginable or possible!   

Integrative Bodywork is only ever used with your permission, the boundaries outlined and understood and an awareness of what is being explored.  It is very gentle, NEVER intrusive and very respectful.

Our bodies are miracles of healing.  By supporting you through the exploration and expression of these deeper understandings,  Somatic Psychotherapy can facilitate this healing.  With this greater insight comes aliveness, creativity, self regulation and a new-found self awareness that enables you to deepen your personal relationships and helps forge stronger relationships with others.

As a Somatic Psychotherapist and Counsellor, I have professional training and extensive experience working with:

I work with individuals, adolescents, families and couples. The therapy can be short, medium or long term, with our collaborative working goals including you achieving:

  • Less anxiety
  • A greater ability to self regulate and modulate emotions
  • A clearer, more stable and confident self image
  • Richer and more satisfying relationships
  • Insight into the role played within your family system and how it relates to patterns and relationships with others
  • New choices around behaviour, responses and reactions
  • Increased skills in identifying and satisfying your own needs
  • Better self awareness - with the ability to 'feel' what is happening in your body, resulting in greater creativity, spontaneity and emotional strength - 'aliveness'
  • Awareness and respect for your own and others' boundaries.